About Us

Our Mission: To Be Radically Traditional

How we bring the farm to you

We live in the “Heartland” of the Midwest—surrounded on every side by farms and livestock—yet that livestock you see & those fields of grain that frame your horizon cannot be found at your local store…until now. Hurdwell exists to bring you meat & other locally produced goods directly from the farms on the county roads just outside of town. If we couldn’t find something just outside of town, we found it in Ohio just a few towns away. Why? Because you should know both where your food comes from and who the people are that turn it into an edible product. No fillers, additives, colorants or anything that makes you sick. No hiding behind a big meat packer or seven different food chains. Hurdwell provides food from one farm, to one shop, to one family. Radically traditional.

Since 2022

Our Story

At Hurdwell we offer multiple ways to bring the farm to you:
1. we run a meat processing plant that does custom cutting for local farmers;
2. we have a retail counter in a brick and mortar shop in Arlington, Ohio where we sell locally raised beef, pork, lamb and chicken, as well as local craft beer, seasonal produce, eggs, milk, honey, maple syrup and a few other local goods sprinkled in;
3. we run an Aggregator page on this website that allows you to connect to local farms if you cannot find the product you’re looking for in our shop; and
4. if you’re a local producer/farmer, you can reach out to us through this website to get yourself listed on our Aggregator page. (We are able to do this by charging a small administrative fee to cover the cost of web hosting, marketing and collecting money that goes directly to you, the farmer. The only cut we get is the small fee to offer this service. No more, no less.)